Frequently Asked Questions

How are the Advertising balloons inflated?

They are inflated with cold air blowers that run continuously

How do you install the advertising balloons?

We typically like to install them on the roof where they can be seen clearly.  We will do a site survey to determine the best placement of the advertising balloon.  A flat roof is the ideal type roof but if your roof has a slight pitch to it we can still install it.

Do you do ground installs?

Yes we can.  We ask that there be plenty of space for anchoring the advertising balloon and that there is security.  Also we cannot place advertising balloons near a power line.

Do I have to have a permit?

Some cities do require that you get a temporary sign permit.

What happens if it storms?

We will drop the balloon if the winds are expected to gust higher than 30-35 mph.  Usually rain does not affect the advertising balloons. Sometimes the weight of the snow may slightly weigh down the advertising balloon.

Can the advertising balloon be seen at night?

Most of our advertising balloons have an internal light kit placed inside, but some of them have external lighting with 500 watt halogen lights.

What is a Search Light?

Search lights were manufactured starting in the late 1920’s as a means of spotting enemy aircraft at night during WWII for the USA so they could shoot down the enemy.  After the war, promoters used them to call attention to special events do to the fact they can be seen for miles.  Thus pulling in the public to see what’s going on.